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Legal Regulation of Medical Practice in India

Legal Regulation of Medical Practice in India is an endeavour to bring together the laws governing medical practice in India. It extensively covers the laws that govern medical education, registration of medical practitioners and their medical practice, establishment and management of hospitals, manufacture and sale of pharmaceutical drugs, and legal framework in relation to medical negligence and medical errors.

Public Health: Innovations through a Maze of International Instruments

While altruism may generally be a stated purpose for many approaches and interventions in human health, it is widely acknowledged that trade and economic interest are the stronger driving forces shaping public health policy and innovation. What is less known is how this inseparable relationship between trade, intellectual property and public health evolved through history, and how one continues to shape the other.

A Compendium of Criminal Procedure

In A Compendium of Criminal Procedure Dr Justice D. K. Arora and Hemant Kumar Pandey explain and discuss the general principles of Criminal Procedure. It is not a commentary on the Code of Criminal Procedure; its basic purpose is to explain the broad outlines of the Code in a simple and lucid manner to enable the readers to know the fundamental principles relating to the administration of criminal justice.